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Here at Archcasing.com we mill your casings in the profile YOU want.....not just the one or two that the window companies offer. We provide a personal service to get you exactly what you need to make your project GREAT!
Template Instructions For Elliptical Windows print
  1. Tape paper to wall over elliptical window area. Be sure to tape securely so that the template paper does not move while tracing.
  2. The window frame (or jamb) typically will be 3/4 to 1 thick and is the outermost frame of the window.
  3. Using a crayon or heavy pencil, trace the inside of the window frame. Be sure to trace the entire inside perimeter of the window frame. Using the edge or side of the crayon held at an angle works well to follow the inside edge of the frame.
  4. Please note on the template paper that the line is the inside edge of the window frame. We will allow for the appropriate reveal (setback) when we make the casing.